My name is Netha Goldberg, 29 years old, from Tel Aviv, Israel. 

recently graduated in Shenkar Collage, in the department of industrial design.

I grew up in Kibbutz Mizra, which is located in IZRAEL Valley (north of Israel). Kibbutzes are collective communities in Israel that were traditionally based on agriculture (Imagine a small pastoral and calm village). the Kibbutz way of life made me who I am today and put Interaction with people as an essential part of my life, which had a big influence on the way I think and on the way I design.

When I'm designing, I think first about the  user and the impact on his or hers feelings and experience. I believe that we develop an emotional relationship with our daily usage objects, beyond the function that each object has.

I have a desire to put an added value on each object in addition to the right proportions and extraordinary functionality, this added value is the path to the emotional relationship.